We can provide a wide range of secure lockable devices to store confidential waste ready for commercial shredding.     Call 07729 630054 for immediate assistance or ail shreddingconsole@outlook.com

Lockable Secure Bins 

It is absolutely essential in any business you have a lockable bin if you deal in any form of customers personal data. The fines under the Data Protection Act are now up to £500,000 and the damage to your business reputation would be extremely severe. Can you take that risk for your business?

You really can not have piles of documents waiting for shredding unless your offices are totally secure. For example are your cleaners employed by you? Is there access for the public?

Regardless whether you do your document shredding yourselves or by a specialist shredding company a lockable storage unit (often know as shredding console/s) is a cheap an excellent compliant solution. Tel 07729 630054 for more information today! The Confidential wheelie Bin is fitted with a narrow paper slot, angled deflector plate fitted to underside of lid to prevent access and choice of confidential lock providing a highly functional, reliable and easy to use solution for the disposal of confidential paper documents. 

Available in a range of sizes - 90 Ltr, 120 Ltr, 140 Ltr, 240 Litre,360 litre and 1100 litre capacity, along with a range of colours and with optional mould in relief graphics, hot foil stamp printing or applied adhesive sticker, the Confidential Wheelie Bin can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

We operate a fleet of our own vehicles ensuring delivery is smooth and without issues, our drivers are very helpful and used to delivering and siting of bins. So if we can help with any lockable bin or office recycling bins please Call 07729 630054 today or email shreddingconsole@outlook.com