Over the many years in the document destruction industry many of us will have come across businesses that have lockable bins and prefer the capacity but not the visual appearance of wheelie bins. We now have a solution whereby this lockable wooden console contains either in a 120 litre or 240 litre bins. Giving the visual appearance of a security console and blending in with other office  furniture but with the capacity of a wheeled bin. 

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We supply a full range of lockable bins and lockable wheelie bins for the document shredding industry and other industries that require secure waste streams such as waste electrical and asbestos industries. Available in both 2 wheeled versions and foor wheeled version wheelie bins. Call 07729 630054 today! 

With Information and ID Theft starting to follow escalating overseas trends, your business is only as safe as the security of the information you rely upon on a daily basis. Whether it be electronic files and backup, paper files, today‚Äôs commercially sensitive pricing or long term document safe-keeping. We have  the industry knowledge and the people, the systems and the experience to protect you and your information against identity theft.Our commitment is local, and our experience gained over more than 20 plus years

Document Destruction Containers

Keep your documents confidential while maintaining security with we offer a wide range of document shredding bins, wheeled bins, shredding consoles and lockable bins. These document destruction containers are ideal for commercial or home offices and come complete with locking systems to allow for secure collection of your sensitive material. We make recycling easier by offering keen pricing, short delivery times and great customer service. Both UK and international orders are supplied from stock. UK orders are sent using next working day courier while international orders are palletised or containerised and sent seafreight.